LIA 100

Lean In Agile is honored to launch “LIA 100”, an initiative to identify women making significant contributions in Lean and Agile spaces across the globe. Our vision is to recognize the value these amazing women create for our community.

How incredible would it be if we could make their stories the cornerstones of our own journey?

What if their collective wisdom and insights could inspire us to accelerate our own learnings?

Understanding the women behind the names, the challenges and opportunities that shaped them will enable us to recognize the parallels within ourselves. LIA will collect, compile and share the stories of these leaders with you all.

Do you know someone who exemplifies this spirit of thought-leadership and impact on the community? Who are you nominating?
Send your nominations to with the following:
Who (Name and other relevant information) Why they should be part of “LIA 100” initiative

Frequently asked questions

What are the criteria for nominations?
Thought-leadership and community engagement are the criteria, both of which lend themselves to broad interpretations as intended. They are the best-known names, whether they’re authors or company executives or conference speakers, but we also recognize that they are leaders across the globe who are doing amazing work in their communities and we would like to highlight their contributions and the value they add as well. A LIA100 nomination is not about being famous or well-known; it is about acknowledging women who are leading and serving their community, however large or small. You are more than welcome to nominate yourself

What happens next?
LIA reviewer group will review all the nominations and select women who best exemplify the LIA100 vision. Our goal is to recognize 100 women over the course of the year, in no particular representation of order, in other words, they are not ranked in any particular order.
As the first group of leaders are identified (4 batches of 25), we will share them on LIA platform. We will continue to identify exemplary women, while sharing the stories of the already-identified leaders.

How can I get involved?
This is a community effort and there are several contribution opportunities. Please share this initiative announcement on social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. We would like to elicit nominations from the full range of communities, so extending the announcement beyond our network is critical.
Secondly, continue to nominate the stellar women that you work with, know and look upto. Not every woman is active in social media or within the larger Agile/Lean community, so we are counting on you.
If you’d like to help with the LIA100 initiative or other LIA efforts, please contact LIA at LIA is intended as a community effort, so we are always looking for more women and organizations to partner with.

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